In order to better get-to-know our members, we thought it was best we shared who we are are and how we came to Entrepreneurs Geelong.

Find out a little bit more about one of our board members Amanda Sherring below.

What was your first experience with Entrepreneurs Geelong?

Earlier this year I attended the Pete Forras event as the media after doing some coverage with the publication I was working at, Forte Magazine. From that first experience alone I met several new people who genuinly wanted to connect and felt really welcomed. I instantly wished I had a business card then and there to hand out to complete the networking experience. The breakfast was definitely one of the best I’d had at a networking event too.

And how did you hear about it?

I first heard about it through my previous job as mentioned above. I hadn’t yet entered the entrepreneurial world myself but was looking at starting my own business, so it served as the right time to attend such an event and networking opportunity.

What’s been your favourite memory of an EG event? 

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation we had with James Campbell. I haven’t had much experience in the science business world, so I found it really interesting to gain an insight via the breakfast. It just showed too that you don’t have to be in the industry to benefit from the talks too – I’ve since been to each one and have learnt something each time.

Why did you decide to join the board? 

I loved the set up and the instant welcoming nature of the events, so didn’t hesitate in becoming a part of that. I could also see how I could offer my services to Entrepreneurs Geelong so was happy to put my hand up to be part of such an incredible network for Geelong.

Tell us a little bit about your business.

I started Fresh Take PR about six months ago after leaving my full time job as editor in chief for Forte magazine. I offer content creation, social media management and publicity specifically for musicians, creatives and small businesses. To sum it up I just love creating and working within the media realm and creative industries. It’s been such a joy and I’ve loved working with all the small businesses since founding Fresh Take PR.

What’s your mantra as an entrepreneur? 

‘Do what fuels your soul, not what fills your wallet’.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for new entrepreneurs? 

Always remember to look after yourself. Working for yourself can at times be quite a solitary experience, and it’s really important to keep yourself in check. Make sure you don’t overwork, you socialise and treat yo’ self every now and then!

When was the moment you felt most challenged as a small business and how did you overcome it? 

Over-working myself has always been a problem, but when you own your own business you’re the only person to hold yourself accountable. Early on I had to learn to be strict with myself on working within set times, otherwise I became overworked and the result was work that wasn’t my best.

Who are three fellow Geelong small businesses you’d like to shout out? 

Definitely Allira from She Takes Photos. Being another woman who’s set out on her own business venture, I really admire Allira for taking the step in re-branding and a new business risk. She’s also 100% out to help her customers. Courthouse Youth Arts are going from strength to strength every year and lastly, I can’t not give a nod to my music background. The Barwon Club have hands down hit the nail on the head when it comes to live music in Geelong, and it stands as one of my favourite venues in town.

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