In order to better get-to-know our members, we thought it was best we shared who we are are and how we came to Entrepreneurs Geelong.

Find out a little bit more about one of our board members Jac Bowie below.

What was your first experience with Entrepreneurs Geelong?

I went along to the Bennet Merriman event and was impressed how polished the event was. Also loved the interview style – it’s nice to delve further into the nitty gritty of the speakers business experience, highs and lows.

And how did you hear about it?

My good friend Stephanie Beitzel from Technology Geelong.

What’s been your favourite memory of an EG event?

Just being welcomed and meeting so many new faces at my first event. It’s nice to know you can turn up by yourself and feel comfortable!

Why did you decide to join the board?

I could recognise the opportunity to add value, from a tech/marketing and membership view.

Tell us a little bit about your business.

I own two businesses, Soar Collective (regional women in business network) and Darling Don’t Panic, wedding styling & planning business. Before this I founded Business in Heels.

What’s your mantra as an entrepreneur?

You can have it all, but never at the same time.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for new entrepreneurs?

Try. It might work, it might not, but the experience and lesson is worth the risk.

When was the moment you felt most challenged as a small business and how did you overcome it?

Leaving the comfort of a full time wage in radio recently to return to working for myself has been rewarding, but scary, and we’ve had to sacrifice a lot to do it. It’s been a few months of building, building, building. The return can take a while, the key is to keep at it and stay focussed!

Who are three fellow Geelong small businesses you’d like to shout out?

Technology Geelong and Elf Squad, I’m really proud of what Stephanie is working on.
ArroHQ – meeting Lulu has been lovely, I’m looking forward to re-igniting Soar Collective there.

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