In order to better get-to-know our members, we thought it was best we shared who we are are and how we came to Entrepreneurs Geelong.

Find out a little bit more about one of our board members Pamela Dorward below.

What was your first experience with Entrepreneurs Geelong?

The Small Business Hive sponsored a breakfast and I was invited to come along and speak on behalf of the Small Business Hive.

What’s been your favourite memory of an EG event?

There have been many and it is difficult to pick a favourite however a few standouts for me would be, Frank Costa, Dr James Campbell and Peter Wade. The insights into business and the journey taken for their business is always great to hear. We all face challenges and to hear how they overcome the challenges to grow their business is insightful.

Why did you decide to join the board?

I have been attending events for a few years now and I am impressed with the professional nature and format of the events. I believe in the ethos of EG and felt it was time to give something back to the community.

Tell us a little bit about your business/where you work.

I currently work with Australia Post at the Small Business Hive. The Small Business Hive is a co-working space for small businesses and a community resource for small businesses to obtain knowledge, training and assistance for their business. I have previously owned several small businesses in a variety of different industries. Working at the Small Business Hive I am able to share my knowledge and mentor businesses as well as provide a place for business owners to develop and grow their skills.

What’s your mantra as an entrepreneur?

Don’t judge your success based on the success of others. Success looks different for each of us. We all have obstacles of various shapes and sizes to overcome. Don’t compare yourself to others as you are a unique person!

What’s your biggest piece of advice for new entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself and never stop learning. You may need to change your direction, product or service but never stop believing in yourself as an individual. Ask questions of others, find a mentor and learn from them.

When was the moment you felt most challenged as a small business and how did you overcome it?

Operating a business in a male dominated sector combined with raising a family had its challenges, however being adaptable and continually expanding my knowledge base assisted change. Creating a culture of being customer focused and using creative ways to show a point of difference built a strong customer base and allowed the business to grow.

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